IoT Consulting

We use our in- house expertise to bring your product to market faster with the results you want. So, whatever your IoT application requires, Techneed has the right solution for you.

Installation and configuration 

Our smart home installation service can be as customized as you like. Or you can fully integrate your house and have the smart home you’ve always wanted! At a smart price. The key equipment we install are shown below. 

● Wireless Gateway (LAN, AP)  

● Wireless Smart Dimmer Switch (One gang, L type)  

● Smart Touch Switch (One gangs, Two gangs, Three gangs)  

● Wireless Smart Lock (Fingerprint& Passwords)  

● Wireless Door Bell  

● SmartRoom Curtain Motor  

● Wireless Smart Touch Curtain Controller  

● Wireless IR Transmitter  

● Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor  

● Wireless Smart Socket (UK Standard, L&N)  

● Smart Mobile Socket (UK Standard, metering type)  

● Wireless Emergency Button  

● SmartRoom Wireless PIR Motion Detector  

● Wireless Multi-functional Detector  

● Wireless Smoke Detector  

● SmartRoom Water Leakage Sensor  

● Wireless Sound & Light Alarm  

● SmartRoom Scene Switch (6 buttons)  

● SmartRoom Contact Sensor  

● Smart Switch (circuit breaker)  

● Smart gas detector  

● Smart Thermostat  

● Smart Metallic Curtain Switch and many more devices. 

Qualified Technicians: 

Techneed Smart Locksmiths offers a high standard of service for homeowners when it comes to securing their house from intruders like vandals and burglars. We understand how vital it is to feel secure inside your home to know that your possessions and your loved ones are just as safe from harm. Residential Lock Services Techneed Smart Locksmiths offers a comprehensive service for homeowners. Our qualified technicians will conduct a site survey to assess what your property needs and recommend the best security products and procedures to implement. We understand how important it is to protect your home and will discuss every option to suit your particular needs.  

We can provide the following services for residential clients:  

● Supply and installation of high-security smart locks  

● Reset smart lock  

● Helping clients gain access to their property 

Tools and Techniques: 

It is paramount for a home automation installer and his team to have the right tools and equipment to do the job at the site. Without the proper tools, the installer would not only not be able to work properly, but this is something that would likely disrupt the overall project. For example, if the installer does not have the right tools, he is not going to be able to work efficiently, which means that he might delay the job. A small delay can end up delaying the overall project, which can be quite costly. 


Techneed offers routine maintenance services to you on a number of home automation systems. Regular maintenance helps you to continue enjoying smarter life while ensuring that all components are maintained in compliance with the guidelines of the manufacture. 

IoT Consulting 

We use our in- house expertise to bring your product to market faster with the results you want. So,whatever your IoT application requires, Techneed has the right solution for you. 

You can Make strategic business decisions faster with IoT enabled solutions. 

Connect different devices/products with each other and operate them seamlessly from a remote location with IoT solutions. 


When you think of the Internet of Things (IoT), smart speakers like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home likely come to mind. Their voice command capabilities allow us to do things like set timers while we’re cooking, listen to music, and get the day’s weather report, all without having to press any buttons or use our hands. Innovations in IoT are continuing to make smart home devices even more intelligent, but there are many more use cases for IoT that can help to make our lives easier


We provide you the extended guarantee and ensure to safeguard your purchase. 

Warranty: 1 Year 


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