Wulian Smart Home
Optimized your life style, keeps you comfortable, saves your money
All smart devices are synchronized to the cloud and connected with the smart terminals of making you be aware of home status anytime anywhere

Wulian Smart Gateway (LAN,AP) is the heart of your connected home, it can connect seamlessly with hundreds of Zigbee smart home products

  • Enables you to connect a group of sensors or smart devices that can then be monitored & controlled using our free Android/iOS apps.

  • Receive notifications on your smartphone based on the status of your smart objects - such as whether doors or windows are open or closed.

  • Control and monitor connected doors, lights, locks, electronics, small appliances, wireless speakers and more from your smartphone wherever you are. Use Wulian Smart Home to secure your home, to prevent damage and danger, to save energy and time, and to have fun.

As a HD camera with gateway function, it supports two-way voice; User can view real-time condition via App; It applies to looking after family members and also can be used for home security

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Lightning control
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