Simplifying gas delivery Services

The Smart Cylinders fleet management system can simplify your gas delivery service and cut transport costs by up to 50%. This leads to a significantly reduced carbon footprint and improved customer satisfaction.

7 Smart Cylinders Sensors,
6 months Web Portal license,
1 Subdomain

What's Included:

  • 7 sensors with a 6 month license to our web portal service.

  • Access to your own company subdomain for route optimization and monitoring of your customers' LPG consumption.

  • Free support from our technical advisors.

By purchasing our starter kit you can easily test the Smart Cylinders experience with 7 of your selected customers. Once you have decided to implement the service as a core part of your business, the starter kit can be expanded by adding more sensors.

LPG and industrial gases are a vital part of our energy system, and we will be dependent of it for many decades to come.

However, the systems used to transport and distribute gas cylinders are creating a massive and unnecessary carbon footprint. Distribution systems are expensive, ineffective and dated. Gas delivery logistics rely heavily on manual operations, and this is a big problem.

Because let's face it - humans are bad planners.

By using advanced sensors and cutting-edge technology, Smart Cylinders puts you in charge of your gas delivery logistics like never before. Our system gives you a real-time overview of all your gas cylinders, across multiple installations, and informs you wich cylinders are running low. It can automatically generate the most effective transport route for your next delivery run.


Optimized logistics

Reduce up to 50% of your transport costs by better capacity management and smart delivery scheduling.

Customer satisfaction

Always deliver cylinders to your customers in time.

Customer Loyalty

Become a number one choice by your customers by offering an extra service.

Better Asset Management

Improve the utilization of your cylinder metal.

Reduced carbon footprint

Provide a greener solution by cutting CO2 emissions as a result of optimized transport efficiency.

Automatic Orders

No need for incoming phone calls or e-mails, our sensors will know when it's time for a refill.

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