Now that many shops, offices and institutions are re-opening after the Corona lock-down, many businesses are faced with the need to provide the best possible protection for their employees and customers. Face masks and body temperature checks are an important part of the protection effort.

While this is already being done routinely and on a large scale at airports or railway stations, many businesses and institutions are struggling to meet the challenge. Monitoring of the face mask often requires additional staff resources. At the same time, body temperature checks by staff present certain risks in terms of hygiene and data privacy.

The Face Temperature Measurement Device can perform unmanned temperature measurements as long as the meter measures before the Face Temperature Measurement Device. Face recognition and temperature measurement can be realized at the same time.At the same time, the face recognition terminal also integrates off-line face recognition, temperature detection, mask recognition, identity verification, on-site face collection, blacklist warning, bio-checking and other functions. Face Recognition The temperature measurement device adopts a wide dynamic HD face-recognition camera, which has the characteristics of being fully adapted to harsh environments such as strong light and strong light, fast speed of recognition, high accuracy and high roster capacity.

The facial recognition Temperature Measurement Machine can be combined with a real-name construction site management system, a face access control assistance management system, a visitor management system and other application management systems. It's a community, campus, corporate office building, construction site, etc. that requires body temperature, identity recognition, and access control. There are two types of wall-mounted and column-type facial temperature measurement machines on site that are specially designed for epidemic access control, safe and practical, so that staff can feel at ease and work at ease.

What Does It Do?

⁻Recognises individual staff members

⁻Takes their photograph

⁻Measures their temperature via infrared on EVERY entry

⁻Stores the image and the temperature

⁻Identifies those with raised temperatures and issues an alert

⁻Which you can see on your system dashboard

⁻Manage Staff attendance

⁻Recognises strangers

The Major Features

-2 million pixel camera for total accuracy

-Industrial strength binocular lens

-8-inch LCD display for easy viewing.

-Fully dust-proof and shock absorbent

-Can store up to 30,000 face images

-99.7% recognition accuracy rate

-Takes only 1 second to recognize a match – even with a mask!

-Will detect raised temperatures between 0.5 & 1 metre

-Measurement error is ±0.5°C

-Automatic alarm for temperature abnormality

-All data is exported and stored in real time

The Functions

Personnel Management

Pass Management

System Management

Attendance Management

Device Management

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